Jornada Gastronómica – Photos and Comments

If you went to the annual food event on Wednesday, we hope you had a great time and tried many different dishes. And if you won a restaurant meal in the quiz, congratulations!!

Which language had the best table and the best food?

What was your favourite dish?

Give us your opinion: click on “leave a comment” at the end of this post.

And if you couldn’t come, here are some photos of the afternoon to give you a flavour of what you missed.

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The most interesting photo of all, however, was not taken! The mass of rubbish we all produced on Wednesday afternoon was frightening!! The bins were overflowing after half an hour and at the end the garden was covered with empty tins, plastic bottles, packaging of many sorts, plastic plates, paper cups, etc.

What can we do next year to reduce this mountain of waste?

Please let us have your ideas: click on “leave a comment” at the end of this post.  And if you took a photo of the rubbish, we would like to put it on the blog, if you agree. Thank you.

And something for all of you who are concerned about food waste.  One of our colleagues (a big thanks to Clara) recommend this site:  Here you´ll find tips to waste less and save more, plus delicious recipes to use the stuff you have in the fridge.

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