Welcome Back!

And so it begins!  After a well deserved rest we are back to reality!  Below are some announcements and information for the start of our new academic year here at CSIM. 

Annual Courses

Our annual course start this month, week commencing 15th October 2012.  For more information consult the CSIM website.  Unfortunately, our enrolment period is now closed.

The Summer

Did you manage to get away for a break during the summer or did you have to work?  Leave a comment below telling us about the highlights, or the contrary, of your summer holiday.  To start the ball rolling, I had a fabulous summer!  After working in July, I taught an intensive course here at CSIM, I went to Galicia (in particular, O´Grove) for a few weeks on a working holiday;  a few hours work each day and a few hours of tourism – an excellent combination.

Invitation to Contribute

If you remember in June 2012 we invited blog contributions from students & staff.  Once again this year we are hoping to continue this practice.  For more information, read the original post. 

What wrong with Spain? 

Over the last 12-18 months, Spain has been experiencing some profound events:  social and economic.  There´s so much to know and to try and understand why the government of Spanish Prime Minister, Mr. Mariano Rajoy, is facing some hard choices in the near-medium term future.  Are you sick of hearing about recortes y austeridad?     Yes?  Then we have a solution for you:  read about cuts and austerity instead!!  Have you ever tried reading what the foreign press is saying about Mr. Rajoy, Spain, the cuts and austerity?  Check out what other people are writing about Spain by looking at the BBC, the Guardian of London, Qatari based Al-Jazeera, the New York Times and, of course, el Pais in English.  Here you will find lots of opinions and points of view – some polemic, some not – and all in English!

That´s all for now.  See you soon.

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