About CSIM

The Universidad Complutense of Madrid, through the CSIM, offers its students an efficient way to master modern languages from the comfort of their own institution

Our students can choose from several different types of English courses.  From exam preparation courses to English for Specific Purposes to language improvement courses for high-school teachers.  For more information click here.  However, English is not the only language we offer.  Our students can choose from a wide range of modern foreign languages, from Arabic to Japanese to Yiddish.  More information. You can also follow CSIM’s oriental languages and Italian on Facebook.

The classes take place in different faculties on the Complutense Univeristy campus, in three different formats: annual, termly and summer intensive.

In addition to general English courses (annual and summer intensive), CSIM offers more focused, short courses.  In English, these include Conversation, English for Academic Purposes, exam preparation (TOEFL and IELTS), Legal English, English for Information Sciences, Translation and Business English.

You can expect English language classes at CSIM to be practical, action-oriented and follow a communicative approach, completely in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our general courses follow a course book, but an important part of our courses are the oral and written projects.  Integrating project work into our courses offers our students the opportunity to focus on their own areas of interest, as well as developing real world skills such as colloboration and presentation. 

CSIM awards recognised qualifications across Europe.  For students of the University, our courses can be used as elective credits at UCM.  Contact our office for more information.

CSIM is an official Examinations Centre for the University of Cambridge (First Certificate, Advanced, Proficiency and Business English), for German ÖSD examinations (Grundstufe Deutsch,Zertifikat Deutsch and Deutsch Mittelstufe) and Korean examinations (TOPIK). 

Our teachers are highly qualified, widely experienced and familiar with Spanish speakers and the typical problems Spanish speakers of English face. You can be sure that we can help you improve and progress in your important goals of using English in everyday situations, for the world after university, for study abroad or to pass important international examinations such as the First Certificate, CAE, Proficiency and TOEFL.

Currently, we have a student body of approximately 3000 English language students.  Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of needs.   Our classes include a mix of university students, teaching and research staff, administrative staff, as well as high-school teachers from the Community of Madrid, not to mention other students from a diverse range of academics and professionals interested in learning foreign languages. 

In addition, CSIM holds examinations for those students seeking a UCM Erasmus grant.



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