Contribute Content

Would you like to write posts and articles for the CSIM blog?

Whether you are a student of CSIM or not, we would be delighted to receive ideas for posts for this site during the year.  Also, teachers, would you like to write something for this blog?  Perhaps you would like to share something of didactic or cultural value, with colleagues and students alike.  Maybe you are an expert about something – share your knowledge, opinions and ideas with us. 


Posts for this blog should:

  • Be around 400-500 words long.
  • Not contain many lexical items above B2 level
  • Contain links to other sites of interest.

Upcoming topics for contributions

  • April: Tips for Cambridge exam preparation
  • May: Summer intensive courses 
  • June: Euro 2012 football championship
  • July: Being an independent learner


If you would like to practise writing in English, we would love to receive your article or review. These are the steps to follow:

  • Send us a first draft (around 200-300 words).
  • We will give you some feedback about your language.
  • You correct any errors and send us the final version.
  • We check and post your final version on the blog.

Topics for student contributions

  • April and May: My worst (or best) exam experience. OR: Do we really need exams? 
  • June: Euro 2012 – is football still “the beautiful game”?
  • July: How to keep your English alive over the summer holidays.



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